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Hi, I'm Alex a professional organizer with a passion for order and I am here to declutter your world. My aim is to help you find pleasure and happiness in your home or office with order and clean spaces. Our day to day lives have become so busy that it leaves us little time to declutter and start a fresh, if anything the busier lives we live with work,children,family,friends and pets the more clutter we seem to attract..  The paperwork starts to pile up, the kitchen cupboards fill with many half used tomato sauce bottles, your wardrobe still has your 1980's formal dresses shoved at the back with the jacket that hasn't fit you for ten years. Basically life continues on but occasionally a big clean up of your shelves, draws, bench tops wardrobes & offices is required. when they get to the point of bursting at the seams I am your perfect assistant. Some of you may even have a TO DO list but instead of crossing things off you are constantly adding to the list of chores so why not get me to help you work through this ongoing cluttered life?


I believe a clean & organised space in the home and at work leads to a clean  & organised mind, clear for happier living and working. We all strive for that seemingly illusive blissfully happy life, I believe it starts with your surroundings. 


- Have you ever noticed when you walk from room to room in your home that you constantly find clutter, cupboards over flowing with things that don't go together or that are no longer needed. 

- Have you found the draws on your dresser and so stuffed with clothes that the draws struggle to close. 

- Do you looked n your hanging wardrobe and feel uninspired to wear anything as it just looks overwhelming and all too hard  to find anything due to clutter. 

- When you open you kitchen pantry do you struggle to find that scrumptious homemade pot of jam you were given last Christmas and haven't seen since.

- Has the dinning table been pilled high with books and papers and not see the light of day for months.

-  Are there piles of kids toys spilling out of their rooms and taking over the whole house.

- Does your office have small towers of paperwork, documents, notes and folders  piling up waiting to be sorted and filed. 

- Are there things in your home & work space that you could do without but just never find the time to go through.

- Could you have some memorabilia you are holding onto that maybe time to let go of or be pulled out of the back of the cupboard and displayed.

- Some things you have in your home or office could well be triggering different emotions such as unhappiness just by association to a person, time, place or event  but you are not totally unaware this is the case.

Have you ever noticed how great you feel when the cleaner has just visited and you walk into a clean and ordered home or office? Do you notice how you feel when you view a space that is ordered as apposed to how you feel when you see a pile of mixed items thrown in a corner.  Do you realize that order in your home or office can allow space for you to have a clear head and be more productive?

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